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When I think of Sabbath, I really think of days like today. A time to stop, rest, think, and ponder the many things that I can be thankful for.

So I thought I would simply express what I’m thankful for today:

  • The 30 or so family members coming to hang today…It’s been a long time since we could all be together and celebrate the holidays.
  • Necole, Bailey & Mackenzie….True blessings.
  • God-there are times when I feel as if God is distant, or silent, I’m in one of those season as we speak…Yet the gospel is exploding in my Spirit. It’s been a difficult past few weeks, we lost a HUGE business contract, but I know God is my provider. And in that I will trust.
  • Friends-We are now spread across the world, but I love and care for all the friends that I have. I hope everyone has a meaningful holiday today. Take time to rest, and enjoy the moment.

Life can be tough, but, in it’s essence, life is good. So today I’m celebrating the goodness of life.

Peace & Love from Austin



  1. Hi Chris and Family,

    We were thinking about all of you as we prepared our Thanksgiving Day prep. Good times in Raleigh way back when (only a few years ago, but it feels like that!). Happy holidays, Scott and Emma

  2. Seems like forever ago we celebrated Thanksgiving in Raleigh-fun times for sure. Hope all is well in Boston.

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