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I had a bad feeling about this game. USC is just better. ND is not a dominate team yet.

And yes I agree with Devries, USC should play Ohio St if they beat UCLA and with the tough schedule they have had to play. How Epic would that be? USC vs. Ohio St. If that happens, I think the BSC did it’s job.

Getting ready for the game…If Notre Dame wins, they could play Ohio St for the championship game. However, that is doubtful. Michigan deserves to go because they beat ND already thin year. BUMMER!
As for Texas-wow, how could they only score 7 points to Texas AM? Not only do we lose to AM, we also help Oklahoma get to Big 12 Championship Game, even though they lost their starting QB and RB. Hard pill to swallow for UT fans. Props to Oklahoma. Maybe next year Longhorns?



  1. Sorry. USC should be #2 after tonight. The question will be whether or not the BCS does the right thing at put them #2, or whether they will hold onto Michigan at #2 [which I think would be a travesty].

    Hope all is well, my friend!

  2. USC vs. Ohio State would be epic indeed. Even though I love SC, I think Ohio State might be the better team.

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