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So yesterday we packed the van, said our goodbye’s and headed home. On the way home, on I35, traffic came to a sudden halt. I hate traffic, I hate not knowing why we are stopped. But, sometimes life is just not fair.

For instance, yesterday I was a frustrated driver. We were simply stuck with no where to go, and it took us twice as long to get home.

Of course then I found out why we were stuck; Another car hit a motorcycle and killed the driver. Not only was I a frustrated driver, but now you have a devastated family who has lost a loved one; maybe a bride who is now a widow, or kids who will now be fatherless.

Of course, all the stores were swamped with folks who were waiting-out the traffic jam. Lines were going out the door, gas pumps were packed and restaurants were full. Now you have a frustrated driver, devastated family, and some happy business owners who’s profits were being helped because of tragedy.

Is life fair? Absolutely not. I guess the lesson is this, live each day to the full. Good times will come, bad times will come, but and at the end of the day God is Sovereign, and I need to learn to trust in that fact.

Peace & Love from Austin


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