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So today Necole and I were having a conversation with our daughter Bailey. We were discussing poverty and how some kids do not have what they need.

So the conversation went like this:

Ya Bailey, some kids do not have food, (silence) or clothes to wear, (silence) and some kids will not get any Christmas presents because their parents can’t afford them.

WHAT, what do you mean they won’t get any presents. That’s not right. Dad, when are you going to go to work so I can help poverty? Can we go tomorrow?

I guess the Christmas present reality was a way to contextualize the serious nature of poverty for a 6 year old. 🙂

Of course, tomorrow she wants to talk about the Devil, and if he is real and why when she prays to God, he does not talk back…Please pray for me. 🙂


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  1. Awe the joys of pure little hearts. I read a couple of Christian forums and the subjest of “Santa” came up. One mother wrote about what they as a family do. Now I won’t even go into the whole Santa deal but what they did as a family was pretty cool. Here is a quote of what I mean:
    “””We also do an Advent calendar so that every day we bring Jesus in to the picture of Christmas and talk about St. Nick and giving. We read the Christmas story on Christmas Eve and the book Small One (about the donkey that Mary rode to Bethlehem). We write birthday cards for Jesus.

    The most important thing we do…and the kids are eager to do it. On Christmas Eve the kids put clothes and toys under the tree that they’d like to donate. Santa takes them to children who don’t have much. THIS is what makes them most excited. Brings tears to my eyes.”””

    I never thought of things like this when our kiddos were small.
    Enjoy the girls!!!

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