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Can’t wait for 24, check out the clip below…Looks good.

HT: Josh Brown



  1. my desire is the following:

    a new show.
    transport jack bauer onto the island of lost and within 24 hours, have him figure everything out – i don’t care who he needs to shoot – the black smoke, the others, sawyer, locke – but i just want the truth.

  2. LOL-I with ya!

  3. My prediction for each and every episode… (why watch it when I can just tell you what will happen?)

    1) Jack Bauer will kill someone
    2) A bunch of people will sit in a meeting trying to assess a situation a few hours after near armageddon has broken out
    3) The bad guys wil conveniently have a hide out within 20 minutes of CTI (or CTS or CXZ or whatever) HQ.
    4) No one will ever smile.

    There. I just saved you 24 hours. Use it wisely.

  4. Hmm, Looks like Chandler is not a fan?

    But, you have to agree…Lost season 3 has been a tad bit boring. I mean, how long can they keep folks in a cage and make it interesting?

  5. I LIVE FOR 24…okay, maybe not literally but I love the show.

    I hope season 6 is not as predictable as the trailer.

    Jack Bauer is our only hope!

  6. don’t mind chandler.
    he’s still upset because the broncos got spanked by the seahawks. 🙂

  7. Hey Marty,

    Thanks for the comment…

    My question for Chandler is this-If your a local pastor, who is suppose to “become” like the people you are trying to reach-(Which I know Chandler has that passion) then maybe it’s time for Chandler to “officially” become a hawks fan and root against the Broncos…

    What do ya say John?

  8. Syncretism might be fine for you Chris, but I’d rather not buy into heresies (like, ahem, Cho) just because they are convenient and local.

    Why isn’t Eugene rooting for his hometown Niners?

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