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UPDATE: Challies has reviewed the show and was not happy with Jay’s theology. Check it out!


One Punk Under God is a new TV series about the life of Jay Baker. Jay is the son of Jim and Tammy Faye Baker, (In case ya didn’t know-which is doubtful) he is also the pastor of Revolution Church.

I’m looking forward to watching this. I get so frustrated how the media portray most Christians. So maybe this will be different?



  1. Apparently not so Chris. has just posted something a day or two ago on three episodes of the series. According to him Jay’s theology is not overly positive. I can’t say too much – I doubt that I’ll get to see it televised here in Australia though

  2. I guess it makes sense, would the media really do a show on someone who is anti-homosexuality?

  3. Sure, we’ve already done it. Where is the show going to air?

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