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This morning my heart is burning for the church. I long to see it’s beauty and potential come alive in my life and community. As I process church planting, time-lines, where to plant and how to financially make it happen. (These are questions that will be answered in due time.) But for now I just want to share some of my dreams, passions, and desires that I would like to see become a reality.

  • I want to be apart of a church that is known for more then just a gathering on Sunday morning.
  • I want to be a church that is attractional & incarnational.
  • I want to do church and life with a team of leaders who follow hard after God and His mission for their lives.
  • Creativity is a must.
  • I want to be wise with money…And I want to be a generous church that really deals with the needs of our community. I want to make our city better, period.
  • I do not care how many “numbers” show up on Sunday. But, I do care how many people leave our church and live missional lives the other 6 days a week. Our so-called “win” is how many people truly live out the message outside the walls of church.
  • Worship…I want a church that worships Christ. I want us to be desperate, to be seekers of His life becoming a reality in our community.
  • I want a living room atmosphere. Couches, coffee, community, images etc. (please don’t think postmodern/emerging church here) I want our meeting space to reflect our values as a community.
  • Multicultural is another non-option in my book.
  • Multigenerational is another non-option.
  • I want the church be known for what we are “for” and not “against.”
  • I want women to teach & lead.
  • I want to see people who who hunger for the Bible and desire to learn, study and struggle with theology.
  • I want to have a “Spirit of Excellence.” I do not mind if we fail, as long as we give everything our best shot.
  • I want to walk with a sense of humility, grace and purpose.
  • I want to be a church “in” the city and for the “city.”
  • I want a church that deals head on with local and global poverty issues. And I would like to personally spend 3-6 weeks a year dealing with these issues on a global basis.
  • No super star ministers, I want a team based ministry, where everyone is using their gifts and fulfilling their call.
  • I want a “team” of speakers. (Which includes women)
  • I want folks to take discipleship seriously.
  • I want our church and staff to do life together, we succeed and fail together, we cry & struggle together, we seek God and learn together. Nobody stands alone, unless the choose to.
  • I want to be a emotionally & financially healthy church.
  • I want a coffeeshop & music hall. Where our church can intersect with our community 365 days a year.
  • I want a church that can relate to the community, the doubters and seekers and those who question. I want them to have a safe place to seek God.
  • I want a church that has a high view of scripture and truth. Yet we are wise in how we communicate to our community.
  • I want us to be a church that works hard, has fun and finds a healthy rhythm.
  • I want our church to be a breeding ground for creativity, entrepreneurship justice, missions, and church planting.

Like I said, these are some random thoughts. But I think these thoughts help shape the culture of our church and provides a foundation to the church. I’m sure I can add to this list in the future.

Of course these dreams are easier said then done. Lot’s of prayers needed.




  1. when are you ready to talk? 🙂

  2. For a church led by a team and not by a “lead pastor”, you’ll definitely want to have a conversation with Noel Heikkinen, who is one of several pastors that work together as a leadership team.

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