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So C-Mas 06 is in the books. Good times for sure. Although it seems like a blur. Lot’s going on, now I need a vacation from the busyness. 🙂

  • We had a blast hanging out with the Chandlers . We got to chill at Bookpeople, let kids play and catch up on life and dreams. Then we got some good Mexican grub at Guerro’s.
  • Usually its sunny and 70 degree’s…Unfortunately, it was raining-Texas style, which means downpour’s, flash floods and lots of car accidents. It was a bit eerie, but we made it safely to Ft. Worth.
  • Saturday was Amanda’s (Necole’s sister) birthday. Of course this year she got an extra present in the form of an engagement ring. Needless to say, it was a special moment. Lot’s of tears and all.
  • We then did C-mas eve with Necole Dad’s side of the family. Of course we heard the news that Necole’s brother is now getting married and having a little bambino. So our family is expanding.
  • C-Mas was somewhat casual and relaxing. Of course we added a little poker and I lost again.
  • The girls got a ton of gifts. Necole also scored with a Coach purse from her sister. (We would never buy a purse that expensive)
  • Today we head back to Austin kid-less. Ya, I’m free for a week.



So we’ve had a busy, but beautiful C-Mas. It was fun and memorable.



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