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So I heard the beloved UPS truck pull up to our apt this morning. Knowing that I did not order anything and all the family had already sent gifts and all, I had no expectations of a knock on the door…But to my surprise…It happened, the happy knock. I was hoping it was an Angel with a hand-carried letter from God with specific directions and all.

Of course it was not that, but maybe the second best thing…Ya see this past summer we spent 6 amazing weeks in my favorite city-Seattle, WA. One of our favorite places was Zoka Coffee Roaster and Tea Co. Simply amazing coffee. And my favorite bean is Peaberry, oh the joys! (Ken taught me how to drink coffee black and not ruin it with crappy sugar and cream, actually he was not a real good teacher as he ridiculed me, with that grin that says you suck and my coffee is better then yours. He would then proceed to tell me that I need to go “black” for a few weeks and I would never go back. Now when I see my friends put that devilish cream and sugar in their coffee, I ridicule them, and tell them the two-week philosophy from Ken the coffee, beer, food, mac, cigar and MUSIC evangelist. For those who are wondering, he is SAVED and all)

So guess what I got today. You know it. I think I’ve said this before, but Ken & Brenda are some of the most giving people in the world. Of course their were other gifts in the box, some for Necole and the girls…But one gift stood out among the rest. I could smell it, so I ripped it open and yes it was true, a bag of Peaberry Zoka Coffee. My day is now so much brighter 🙂 I think it’s now time to fire up the coffee pot and enjoy the fruits of friendship. Even if we are 2000 freaking miles away. Thanks to the Nussbaums, for their amazing friendship and the gift of Zoka Coffee.



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