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Amanda and Justin (Necole’s sis and future bro-in-law) came down from Dallas yesterday. We had dinner at a great Chinese joint last night and then headed to Mozart’s to chill and grab some coffee.

After Mozart’s we headed to 6th St to hang out and soak in the atmosphere. Of course I made a little stop at my favorite cigar shop. These bad boys are so fresh, love it.
We had to find a nice place to enjoy the new merch so we landed at Spider House Cafe (check out my new blog banner).

Now I can honestly tell you, I’m not used to being up and doing stuff at 1am. But yo I made. Of course this is only day 1.

This morning we headed off to Austin Java for some tasty breakfast taco’s.

Tonight we are headed back to 6th ST. to enjoy the festivities and some fireworks and bring in the New Year. Should be fun. But the best part is tomorrow, we are going hiking, eating some grub at Rudy’s BBQ and picking up my girls from grandma’s pad…Man I can’t wait to see my girls. I hate being away from them. Life is just not complete when they are not around.

Have a happy new year and be safe…Shalom.


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