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One of my goals in 2007 (as was 06,05,04,03,02,01, y2k, 99, 98,97 yada yada yada) is to exercise more and take care of my sexy body. So we started 2007 with a little hiking trip. This trip is right in Austin, so no traveling or hassles. It was by no means a “huge” hike. But it felt good to hang outdoors and enjoy the sunny brisk winter air and get my heart pumping.

Below are some pics I took. Enjoy!

The four of us hanging at the top of MT. Bonnell

The 4 Of US

Justin & Amanda


Justin & Amanda

I really had to go BAD. I could no longer wait. OK, just kidding 🙂

Chris Looking Over Water

Austin is filled with canyons…Therefore we started the hike at the TOP and then headed down. Of course we had to come back up. Go figure!


Nice pic of the river.

Lake Austin

After the 1st hike, we did another mini hike. Here is a picture of small water fall.

Water Fall


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