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My main goal this year (I guess it should be every year) is to grow spiritually. I think it takes focus, discipline and action in order to do this. I want to spend significant time studying the Bible and praying and seeking Christ. I know for certain that if we are actually going to bring the goodness of Jesus to our world, we have to actually know him and not just know about him.

When we look throughout history, we see amazing figures who made huge contributions to our world. But only one is actually alive and willing to interact with us. On one hand this is purely common sense, but on the other hand, how easy is it for us to see Jesus and the Christian narrative as history, something that took place yesterday? This is why I love reading the Bible, I love knowing that the church did not stop with Acts 28, that the church continues today…Its present, real and active. This is so powerful to me, yet it also bears a huge responsibility, one that cannot be taken lightly.

So I went searching for a good “read the bible in a year” plan. And I think I saw the best one yet click here for details. This is one of many ways that I want to integrate into my daily routine.

HT: Drew Goodmanson



  1. A noble plan, Chris. Might I suggest “Truth Gathering” as an aid to your study? It is an exhaustive AKJV Topical Bible of all critical-to-salvation subjects; the only exhaustive one available in the world.

    There is an article at my blog that provides all the scriptures wherein God instructs us as to how to study His Word. I believe I posted it back in August: “How To Study God’s Word” or something to that effect.

    “Truth Gathering” can be ordered from ANY local or online bookstore; however, offers the lowest pricing. 🙂

    Stop by for a visit sometime!

    Much love in Christ,

  2. Chris,

    Awesome plan my friend. M’Cheyne’s plan is a great way to delve into the word. I use Dr. D.A. Carson’s “For the Love of God” two book set of devotions that is keyed to the M’Cheyne plan to increase the depth of my devotional time. Those books are awesome and available through the ESV bible website.

    I’m going through it also this year so I pray it’s a blessing to you as it has been to me.


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