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Wake Forest got beat, Michigan got rocked…Therefore I wanted to say sorry to Kenny and Ashdown…Now hopefully my boys will come through tonight. I feel butterflies in my stomach…ND needs a win and bad. We truly have not had a “Big” win in a long time. Maybe tonight?

As for Devries: bro, after USC thumped Michigan, it had to be bitter sweet. How epic would it have been if USC was playing Ohio St. To bad USC chocked VS UCLA.



  1. You have no idea. Throughout the game I kept asking myself… “Where was this team when we played UCLA?” If they were to play Ohio State like they did Michigan, we’d be hoisting the crystal ball, baby! Anyway, here’s my prediction…

    1. Ohio State wins a one sided game.
    2. USC is ranked #1 at the beginning of the 2007 season.

    There you have it. Out.

  2. Oh, I almost forgot…

    What do you think about Quinn being the first overall pick by the Raiders? Will it happen?

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