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I could not believe how some folks in the Christian blogosphere responded to the killing of Saddam Hussein. Personally the reaction reminded me of 9/11 and how folks celebrated in the Middle East. Should death be celebrated or mourned?  Of course I’m glad Saddam was brought to justice, and I’m glad that he can no longer abuse his power. I just can’t fathom how Christians “rejoiced” over his killing. The whole death penalty thing just does not sit right with me. “We kill you because you killed others.” Is that justice?  And to be frank (without being over spiritual) I highly doubt that Jesus would have celebrated either. Just not for sure celebrating is the best way to communicate the gospel. Thank God Mercy triumphs over Judgement.

I was trying to articulate my thoughts, instead I will let Shane Claiborne speak for me on this issue, click here.

HT: Devries

On another note, if you are trying to hone in your blog, then check out Andrew Jones post on 15 Blogging Tips For 2007. Lot’s of good info.


  1. Well since you have chosen to let Shane speak for you, i will answer you to him. (If that makes sense)
    He mentions both MLK and Gandhi in a very good quote but if either one of them would have met Saddam during his height of power, both would most likely have been silenced. (As the Kurds were) (Which by the way is what he was on trial for) In the world of Islam, where Saddam lived, he was put on trial, found guilty in a very public trial and executed according to the law of Iraq. I have no more right to judge the Iraq officials then I want them (or the UN) to speak into our system. Jose Padila is being tried here because he broke the laws here. If he is sentenced to death, he will probably outlive both of us with all the mandatory appeals built into the system. i would not have it any other way. But that is because it is here. I can, as a Christ follower, forgive Saddam for his cruel treatment of others. But I can also release him to the “justice” system of his culture.

    Just my thoughts…..

  2. Though horrible & unimaginable, Saddam’s deeds could have been covered by the same blood that washed me white as snow. Christ died for each of us, and it is definitely a sad situation when another human being dies without knowing the transforming love of his/her creator. God’s heart must ached over such loss. I agree with Gerald about releasing “him to the ‘justice’ system of his culture.” I can admit, however, a prayer for Saddam to call upon the one and only God passed through my lips at least once in the last several months. Praise God we can have that kind of hope.

  3. Thanks for the comments…I think that is my greater point. In many ways this may offer closure to the Iraq people. Yet, I think its sad that many Western Christians are celebrating. Maybe this is more about posture, like humility, grief and sadness.

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