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DJ Chuang has some very good thoughts on
pastoring now tougher than ever. I think it’s vital that the “pastor” and the “congregation” understand the various dynamics that come into play with the pastor and the church. Here are my thoughts:

  • The pastor must be willing to delegate and allow others to use their gifts to strengthen the church.
  • The church must recognize that the pastor can’t be “all things to all people.”
  • A church must do a great job of hiring a balanced staff that is knowledgeable in key areas.
  • This is why “giving” is so important in the local church. Many people love to attend church on Sunday, but if they do no support the church financially then it causes the church to face many issues that become impossible to overcome. Another words, if you do not have the resources to hire a proper staff, then that leaves the church in a bad place. Of course the people that show up, demand great preaching, a well-run church, activities that meet their needs etc. At Sacred, some of the most critical people, were also the ones that would not financially support the church, go figure!
  • Finally, I think every church needs to have a clear vision so they can put the right people in the right places.

I recently heard that being  a pastor is one of the three hardest jobs. Do you know what the other two are? 1. The President of the US, 2. University President, 3. Pastoring. Stunning!


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  1. Great post.

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