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Ken & Brenda sent us a bag of Zoka Coffee for C-Mas. Needless to say I was a wee bit happy and giddy.

Alas, all good things must come to an end. Yep, last week my heart went faint, when I poured the last bit of beans into the grinder. I enjoyed every sip. It was like knowing your going to die or something. Or better yet, it was like watching the Raiders play football. You just know your going to lose. Soon the end of the cup would be in sight, and I would become ZOKALESS!
So what’s a man to do when he runs out of the best freaking coffee in the world? Maybe go back to Starbucks? NO! Starbucks is good, but once you go indy and get freshly roasted beans from the local cafe, It’s hard to go back from that experience.

Now Austin has maybe the best cafe culture (outside of Seattle and Portland) I’ve ever seen. We have JP’s, Spiderhouse, Mozart’s, Austin Java, Flipnotics, Genuine Joe’s, Ruta Maya and whole lot more. But they are still not Zoka.

So I concocted a plan…It’s called begging. I have many friends in Seattle (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE) and I’m begging my friends to remember me when they go to Zoka. Please send me a bag of coffee, um I mean PEABERRY ZOKA Coffee. PLEASE, I’m an exile (in a great place) and I need to remember what it feels like to home (OK I’m lying, Seattle is not home, but close enough).

So I will wait and see if my friends really care, if they feel my pain…IF THEY HAVE MERCY!!!


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  1. this is not a pretty sight

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