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So last night we took the family down to S. Austin to meet with the Scoma’s. Anthony is the Lead Pastor at Southwest Family Fellowship and a NON-BLOGGER. (C’mon Anthony, start a blog-At least I think he’s a non-blogger) SWFF is a 3 year old church plant with 70% of it’s people coming from unchurched backgrounds, how cool is that.

Anyhow, we really had fun hanging with them…Very natural.

I also learned a lot about Austin. It’s truly a “blue” city that is mostly unchurched. (Especially Austin proper) If you want to plant a church and see a ton of growth quickly, well then this is not the city for you.

To make a true impact in this city is going to take persistence, longevity and unity in the local church.

I love meeting new friends, its even better when the friendships are so natural.



  1. I look at blogging like journaling…it’s great, probabaly deeply spiritual, probably something I would be really glad I did in ten years…but not something I am disciplined enough to do on an ongoing basis. I’ve tried keeping a journal at various times and I never stick with it. I’m too self concious about how it sounds – and that’s just God and me – I’d take me an hour to write a paragrah that I thought others would be reading. So I guess I;m just no Doogie Howser MD.

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