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My friend Tim Condor has a new article out dealing with the issue of being missional. It’s strange that this word is now the “buzz” of the evangelical world. Tim left the comforts of the mega church to start Emmaus Way in Durham, NC. He is also the author of The Church in Transition: The Journey of Existing Churches into the Emerging Culture.

Check out his article here.

Quick thoughts from the article:

“In essence, missional churches seek to align their identity, activities, and hopes with God’s redemptive mission on earth. This is a tall order for churches that brim with cultural and programming expectations, resource abundance, iconic labels (like “evangelical” or “mainline” or “Pentecostal”), and visions of grand ambitions. The temptation is always to have a grand scheme to which we incessantly try to woo or invoke God’s presence rather see ourselves fitting into God’s agenda. “



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