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Bruce Chant who blogs at hismethod discusses the issue of change: Part 1 & Part II.

Very cool Web 2.0 (ish) Bible Map that utilizes google maps. Effective study tool that may be beneficial.

Bob Hyatt is frustrated over his preaching rut. If you’ve ever had to preach EVERY Sunday, you know the feeling. Thanks for being real Bob. We’ve all been there.

Guy Kawasaki points folks to some great pulpit communicators: Evangelism: Eternal Life, Forgiveness, and Operating Systems.

I love his last paragraph:

“Even if you’re not a Christian, you should watch these sessions out as examples of great speaking and evangelism although this isn’t a fair comparison because eternal life and forgiveness are far better products than most operating systems.”

I was saddened when I read Perry Noble’s: I Am A Little Fired Up!!! post. Perry uses an over-generalization (see below) of the “Emergent Church.” I respect Perry, and I love that he is protecting the vision that God has given him…but I see no honor in putting down the vision of others to protect ones own vision. IMHO, we pastors have to really seek wisdom in the words we choose to use while blogging. The very thing we love, “the church” is often the very thing we tear down by being “bold” and “honest.” Thin fine line for sure. I’ve had plenty of bonehead blog posts…Here is my philosophy: “If I’m not willing to say it on Sunday morning, maybe I should not blog it on Monday morning?

“One of the chief critics of churches like NewSpring is the whole “emergent” church movement. I just love that–here you have 15-20 people…usually guys, who sit in rooms smoking cigars and drinking beer, debating theology while the world around them goes to hell…and somehow they think they’ve “got it!” In my opinion the only thing that needs to “emerge” from the emerging church is their head out of their rear ends so that they can better listen to God and fulfill the Great Commission.” Perry Noble

But I did gleam wisdom from Craig Groeschel’s post: I Don’t Want to Be Popular.

Fact is leaders have to deal with criticism, and how we respond to our critics truly shows our character. Plus, we must realize that there are different ways and methods to reach different people. Why can’t we embrace “diversity in ministry?”



  1. Thanks for the links Chris!

  2. You know Chris, I kind of agree with the quote about guys sitting around debating theology. There are a lot of people sitting around having great conversations about the way the church ought to be or how to reach people more effectively, but they’re not doing it. Though think they are. And, they criticize the churches that are at least doing something, even if flawed. Last I check: there is no perfect church. I can debate and hold my own, but it doesn’t bring my neighbor closer to Christ. -Renee

  3. Renee,

    I think maybe you misunderstood my point or I was not clear:

    I guess you are assuming that Perry is right about the so called “emergent church.” Which I disagree with, the emergent church has been tagged in ways that is not fair, even though their is a hint of truth. It would be like me saying “most of those mega churches only care about numbers.” That would be a silly statement, it would be unfair for me to put all mega church pastors in the box of only caring about numbers…Even if some do. That would be to general of a statement and not a fair assessment of the over-all mega church movement. (of course its hard to define movements)

    Now If their are specific examples that one is one thing, and I had no problem with Perry defending the vision God gave him. Or calling out specific people who are talking smack.

    Many so-called “emergents” are doing hard work in tough places, like Santa Cruz, San Francisco, Seattle, Boston etc…They are not reaching ” the suburban southern church culture” Different context, so we have to celebrate the diversity of God’s call and not assume one is right (mega) and one is wrong. (micro)

    I love the mega and the micro, and my words have the power to really hurt others. Therefore I have to be wise in how I define certain groups of people.

    My .02, thanks for commenting.


  4. I only agreed with the part about guys sitting around debating theology. I know that it is harmful to make overgeneralisations about ‘movements.’ I think there are great ‘mega’ churches and great ‘micro’ churches. However, none is perfect. I just know some of those people who debate theology or exchange philosophy of how to have the best or perfect chuch, but they’re not doing anything. They don’t even plug into any church because it doesn’t meet their ideals. I’m sure you’ve known those kind of people.

    Anyway, thanks for all your posts, I enjoy following up with some of the links. And we pray often for God to continue to direct your path and flame your passion. – Renee

  5. Thanks for the following the journey, and I also agree…Debating theology only is not helpful to the over all church.


  6. I think generalization is a dangerous thng… i agree with your thoughts there. I also think that working hard to reach the poor is essential. I think that the least of these were a priority to Jesus, and should be to our Church today—

    I think that social-justice… “green” agendas… political rantings… activism on any level really HAS TO FALL UNDER THE SUBMISSION OF JESUS. That is the activism Christ taught. That is to say, sumission— ‘under the mission’ of Jesus.

    Ultimately Jesus knew that the best thing He could give people was himself. That has to be the reality we have today. We can give people justice… or healing… or food… or a better government etc… BUT YOU BETTER GIVE THEM JESUS ABOVE ALL ELSE, b/c He is the only thing that can change eternities… He’s got to be made the priority— and this gets hazy in many Emergent circles, IMHO…

    Jesus > Social Justice
    Jesus > Green living
    Jesus > everything….

    *enjoy reading your blog, btw….

  7. Everyone is entitled to their own human opinion, including yourself. It is my opinion that there are so many Christians who put God in a little box, thinking He only listens or speaks to the kinds of people who would not dare touch on such taboo figures of speech. I have been attending NewSpring Church since October of 2005. At that time, this church set up and shut down each Sunday. NewSpring carried the Message (5 identical services) to the very people who hated church–people who hate the same hypocrisies of which “Christians” are so richly known. When I began attending NewSpring, I was a single mom. Now, I am a young recovering alcoholic and I can personally comment on how Perry has reached a population of people who the church has shunned for generations. Perry Noble has received the criticism of fellow [human] Christians for years, smearing his name for such controversial comments you blurbed above. Yet, Perry’s spiritual walk with God is to no business of my own but I hope he continues to be the human to whom we can all relate. And yes, this is something Perry Noble would say to his congregation “on Sunday morning”, not just “blog it on Monday morning.” That finger…? There is in fact 3 pointed right back at us… As far as comparing religion to politics, it speaks volumes on the generalization criticized in the postings below.


    Angela C., Fellow Christian, Fellow Sinner

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