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Today I decided to head down to our aptartments clubhouse and enjoy the football game. Hoping to connect and build relationships and all.

So the game was on, pizza was flowing, coke spilling (lame-no beer), chips were being chomped. Just a fun time with a bunch of dudes.

Then an apple commercial came on. The new one, where the dude gets the camera taped around his face.

I laugh, someone next to me asks if I like Mac’s. I said of course, they rock and PC’s suck.

A few seconds later I felt a certain silence…Like I said someone lame. Been there maybe?

So about 20 minutes go by, I’m chatting with a dude and I do the typical male thing and ask him where he works…He replies-DELL, and the other 4 dudes in there watching the game also work for Dell.

Crap, I forget how much Austin is impacted by Dell.

Anyhow, I left at halftime…I doubt anyone else cared 🙂


  1. That is hilarious. I guess self-preservation comes before open-mindedness. Don’t get down, the Mac people feel your pain.

  2. HA!! amazing…guess you wouldnt have had that problem if you were here in michigan…miss ya bro

  3. For what its worth I wonder if you thought about apologizing for the PC sucks remark? After all your self proclaimed purpose was to “connect and build relationships”. It does not sound as if you are off to too great a start.

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