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 Being a life-long Raider fan has had it’s privileges. I remember the Raiders in Oakland, and how they crushed our hearts when the moved to LA LA land. Then they decided to make right and come back home.

I was young when the beat Philly, I  remember the Kenny King 80 yard TD pass. My most epic moment in football was watching Marcus Allen run for 74 yards on Redskins to win their third superbowl. Which was in 1983.

I was at the game when the Ravens beat the Raiders in the championship game. I watched the Ravens celebrate on our home field. Not cool at all.

It was only like 4-5 years ago that the Raiders played the Bucs in the Superbowl. I had no doubt that we were going to lose. Gruden knew us to much. How ironic, out of all people we had to play, it was Gruden.

Since then things have gone down hill, we got 4 first round draft picks in exchange for Gruden, do you know any of those dudes? Diden’t think so. We re-hired freaking Art Shell, again!  Then Shell hired an assistant coach, neither have done any coaching in the NFL for close to 10 years. Now they are both gone.

And now I hear that we’ve hired a 31 year old ASSISTANT coach from USC. Scary, that is how I feel. Can this guy get it done? Devries is this dude good? Wow, this sounds like a typical Raider move. – NFL – Raiders ink USC assistant Kiffin to be next coach


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  1. I said the same thing. They hired Kiffin? Now don’t get me wrong. Kiffin has been the architect behind the USC offense, but I thought they should have gone with someone with more head coaching experience [not to mention a degree in sports psychology…]

    The Raiders originally went after Sarkisian, who was the QB coach at USC [who is 32]. After he turned them down [I wonder why…], the Raiders went after Kiffin. Either they really want what USC has, or Big Al really wants a youth movement with his coaching staff.

    Hhhmmm… either way, it might be along season next year, so prepare yourself.

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