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I have two good friends who are planting a new church community called Visio Dei in Downtown Raleigh.

Jeff & Gore are two of the best folks you’ll ever meet. I miss those guys so much.

You can read their stories on their blog. But let me just quickly tell you what they have decided to do. Both families (Jeff has kids, Gore does not YET, but I think he is working on it 🙂 have moved in together. (They started a 20’s something ministry called Hungry, which eventually became a church plant.) They moved from Cary (burbs) and launched the church in downtown Raleigh.

So a few weeks ago, Jeff called me and wanted to chat about this crazy idea…Both families wanted to move downtown for multiple reasons. The biggest being that they are pastoring a downtown urban church; therefore they wanted to live in the same area.

Well, they made the decision, and they are moving to downtown Raleigh. Both families will live together (only way to afford living in downtown Raleigh on a church planting budget) in one of the toughest neighborhoods. High crime & drugs on one side, generfication taking place on the other side. (Right guys?)

I’m so pround of them. It takes risk, courage and wisdom to move your family out of the safety of the “burbs” and into the chaos “city” living.

So please pray for them, that God will use them and their church to redeem downtown Raleigh.

And for those who are looking for innovative churches…I think you just found one.



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  1. hey chris, thanks for the encouragement. yep, crazy place to live but i can’t wait to get down there. wish you guys were here… come on back, it’s a big house.

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