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This morning the family loaded up the patty wagon and headed down to S. Austin to hang at Southwest Family Fellowship. Anthony (non-blogger-c’mon man get a blog bro) did a great job teaching about the Holy Spirit. I loved the vibe, lot’s of energy.

They meet in a theatre, which was cool, my kids asked if they could get some popcorn before church started 🙂 They also do this thing called “the buzz.” Basically, it’s a 30 minute interactive kids & parents worship together time. It really solves the issues of kids and parents not worshiping together when we go off to “big” church and kids go to “kids” church. I love this idea and I think I will implement it when we launch another church, which I hope our first gathering will be 2008. Who knows, still up in the air.

You know the church is good, when they have halo night. Ya, 4 tv’s hooked up and ready to do work. Anyhow, cool times for sure.

Also we stopped by Ruta Maya to pick up our usual freshly roasted, fair trade and yes organic coffee.  They just finished roasting some Peruvian Peaberry. Man, this is some of the best coffee I’ve ever had. Yummy! Their is nothing better then drinking a fresh cup of coffee that was roasted on the same day. Rock on!

My day would have been perfect, but the Lakers lost to the Spurs. MAN I”M SO BITTER!




  1. Thanks for sharing about the Buzz…what a cool idea. I linked to this post and to your blog and also to the Southwest Family Fellowship church website in a post on my blog…discussing multi-generational worship. Hope you don’t mind…

    Great blog, by the way.

  2. Hey Brandon,

    Thanks for dropping by and checking out my blog. Southwest does some cool stuff man. Hope all is well.

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