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It’s good to be home. I love my wife and kids. Bailey told me yesterday that she cried when she found out I was not back from the retreat when she got out of school. It’s good to be loved.

A change of place and a change of pace, equals a change in perspective. The past few days have been refreshing. I love to network…I love to hear other stories of success, struggle, and failure. Here are my thoughts from the retreat:

  • Pastors care about each other in Austin. I’ve never seen so much unity. Especially within and inter-denominational setting.
  • I have so much more respect for the”long-haul” pastors.
  • Had no clue who was “mega” and who was “micro.” Nobody really cared. Matter of fact, I personally did not hear one pastor discuss numbers. Very cool.
  • The organic nature of the retreat was great. We had structure, but it was a good structure. No talking heads, leadership guru’s, etc.
  • Multiple church planters were in attendance. We all asked each other the same question, “how can we help?” We all know what lies ahead, and we all know we can’t do it alone.
  • Not only was it “inter-denominational,” it was also “multi-generational.” It felt good to talk to twenty-something planters and seventy-year old pastors.
  • Plus, it was multi-cultural. Thank you Jesus. Felt good.

At the end of the retreat, all of the established pastors, prayed for us planters. I loved the comment that one pastor in particular made. ” God help us to own these new churches, it’s all of our responsibilities to see them succeed.” Man that felt so good.

Anyhow, I’m glad I was able to connect, build relationships, learn, pray and spend time with fellow pastors.




  1. I found your blog, and added it to my Google Personalized Page. Good to meet you at the retreat.


  2. Hey Tom,

    Thanks for checking out the blog. Look forward to hanging out soon.

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