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Dave Ferguson’s new book The Big Idea is now available. Check it out, and trust me…You will want to buy the book. It’s really good. If you know me, you know I would not just say that if I did not mean it.

Usually I give a book 10 pages to capture my attention. If I like it, I read it, if it’s not good, then it’s not worth my time. I already have enough info floating in my brain and trying to grab my attention.
Check out this following info from the introduction of the book.

Historically, more information has almost always been a good thing. However, as our ability to collect information has grown, our ability to process that information has not kept up.

Have you ever felt that way. So much info., you can easily get lost and confused. I truly believe that “less is more.”

Today, we spend more time studying information then in the past, leaving us with less time for action.

Now get this one, man I just want to go and pray:

In the last decade we have not seen an increase in church attendance in any country in any state in all of the United States with the sole exception of Hawaii. Yet at the same time, The Prayer Of Jabez, The Purpose Driven Life and the Left Behind series have been some of the biggest bestsellers in all of publishing-not just Christian publishing.

But more information that leads to less action is a big big problem, particularly when the action we desire is to accomplish Jesus mission.

You can also check out The BIG IDEA Online.


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