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Out of Ur has just posted The Ten Deadly Sins of Preaching by John Ortberg.

  1. The temptation to be inauthentic
  2. The temptation to live for recognition
  3. The temptation to live in fear
  4. The temptation to compare
  5. The temptation to exaggerate
  6. The temptation to feel chronically inadequate
  7. The temptation of pride
  8. The temptation to manipulate
  9. The temptation of envy
  10. The temptation of anger

For more in-depth info, click the link above.



One Comment

  1. i’m a fan of ortberg. In all of his writings, that I’ve read at least, he seems to have a very tender heart for Jesus. I love this list of 10.

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