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This morning I hooked up with Jeff and and we did a 3 hour brainstorming/dreaming/vision-casting meeting. I think we have enough “solo” vision but man when we get together we can spend hours dreaming about the church and God’s Kingdom.

I also hung out with David Mclain, who is the Lead Pastor of Austin Central Church. David has some great future plans for Austin Central. We spent some time discussing culture and the Church and how we Christ-followers are “sent” into the world. He even asked me to speak at his church soon. Yes, he is a risk taker for sure.

Yesterday I was able to hang out with Trey. I respect Trey so much, he has been pastoring one church in the Austin area (Northwest Fellowship) for close to 15 years. That rocks.

Anyhow, I love connecting with folks and encouraging and being encouraged by their stories. God is up to something good.

Tomorrow we head out to Dallas. I’m performing my brother-in-law’s wedding Saturday night and we also have family in from California.

Get back Monday then head to Houston (Ashdown we gotta hook-up) Tuesday to hang out with our church planting coach. First time I will get to meet Glen, but I’ve heard this guys knows how to get the job done. Looking forward to learning.



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  1. cant wait to hang!!

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