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Home…Feels good. These quick Dallas trips take a ton of energy.

After getting home last night, we watched the second half of the Grammy’s. Which I thought were very average.

I’ve had a few emails in regards to LOST. Here is my measly .02. I think the biggest weakness of season 3 is the so called “others.” The characters are just not compelling. I’m hoping they will refocus on the “original” cast. Not sure why they strayed so far away from them in the first place.

24 is also a little frustrating. Middle East terrorist, big bombs, LA under attack, and an “insider” trying to usurp the authority of the President. Haven’t we been here before?

The Lakers are struggling. To many injuries. I hope we can get healthy and make a second half run.


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  1. I don’t want to say I told you so, but regarding 24 — I told you so.

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