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Craig Groeschel is starting a new blog series: Don’t Do It All.

I love his theory, I’ve seen so many pastors who are spinning in so many directions. (including me)They get to the point where they no longer enjoy doing ministry.

And they get to the point where they are not good at what they do, because they are spinning to many plates.

Why do planters/pastors get to this point? Here are my thoughts:

  • They do not delegate.
  • They are insecure-They feel like the more hours they work, the more productive they are. Which is pure myth.
  • They are addicted to ministry. They have no outside life or interests.
  • Self-management is lacking. (Project management, time management, staff management, etc)
  • They do not understand what their priorities are. Every staffer should narrow their focus and do what they do well.
  • They want all the glory all the time; the crave to be the center of attention.
  • And they really don’t trust God.

I’ve struggled with many of these issues. It takes a lot of work to build a healthy culture.

These are my initial thoughts…Any others?



  1. We also have a hard time staying patient. Waiting on the Lord is under-valued, so we outrun Him. Walking with God means adjusting to His cadence. While mission does demand a sense of urgency, it’s mostly an urgency to be obedient. Sometimes we need to urgently stop or slow down cause that’s what Jesus is saying. I love how Jesus patiently sought retreat in the mountains to seek out the Father’s will — a brilliant reminder for us shepherds under Him.

  2. I once worked at a high paying job. My boss told that I would come to realize that it was blood money. If I ever reached a point where I ever dreaded coming to work, it was time to leave. Many Pastor are caught in the “high paying” aspect of their job. Not money but other things like “prestige, reputation, lack of trust of associates, etc.” These things cause us in the ministry to lose our joy. We can literally hate the job but feel trapped by the very thing that used to bring us closer to God.

  3. Well said. I would agree with every one of these points. I wise man once told me “you have to constantly be filling your well, if you’re going to be constantly pouring into others”. Ministers sometimes forget that filling their well is not necessarily minstry related. Sometimes it’s reading a “non-ministry” book, taking up a hobby that doesn’t require much thought, or having someone invest in you on a regualar basis (discipler). I also agree, that delegating is one of the most effective ministry tools, and one of the hardest to put into practice. Sounds like a great book… I may have to get my hands on it soon.

  4. Great thoughts guys, I think the hardest thing in life/ministry us trying to trust God for the goals and vision that we are pursuing.

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