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My friend Justin, who lives in N. Dallas and is part of nu-monastic community has just added a great new section on his blog called BrewMonks. So if you are laid back and you like to enjoy the finer things in life…Head his way for some advice and info on all sort of things like coffee, beer, wine, cigars etc. Also, I was asked to do some “guest” writing in the future. So that should be rad.

Here is the Brewmonks “Declaration of Faith”:
We believe there are fine things in this world.
We believe there is a Creator who has made them for our joy.
We believe that we do well to enjoy the Creation and bring honor to the Creator by doing so responsibly.
We believe that the abuse of Creation falls short of the Creator’s desire for us.
We believe that, in the Resurrection of Jesus, God has proven his rule over Creation.
We believe that we are called to live lives that declare this rule and that these lives will be marked by Holiness & Celebration.


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