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I called Jeff today…I had no clue what he was doing while we were conversing. Till I received an email from Scott. (go to his blog for details)

Yes, he is taking down his c-mas lights in Feb. But that is besides the point. As for now, a word of advice. Don’t try and take down c-mas lights, talk on the phone, and have one foot on a ladder and the other foot on the house. Can you imagine the sounds the I would have heard on the phone. (oh, ouch, bam)



  1. Let it be known…that this was taken at the beginning of our conversation…Quickly after this photo was taken, I realized the absolute hilarity of my “position”. Not really that good at multi-tasking as you can see! lol

  2. this doesnt surprise me at all.
    considering jeffs past, brittle bones and handyman skills i am surprised that he managed to walk away without incident.
    this was the perfect storm for a serious injury…
    and he walked away!


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