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Watching Andy Stanley’s first message from the Drive Conference. He said something that brought deep conviction. Andy was discussing why it took his church 10 years till they did their first conference. He said he was worried about the “sideways energy” that a conference would cause his staff and church.

Wow, I wonder how many times I’ve wanted to do good in the name of Jesus. But I had to much “sideways energy?” Therefore, my potential was minimized because my focus was wide and not narrow. You can only spin so many plates, till they all come crashing down.

Even the Bible warns us to run the race to win, and the race is not a sprint but a marathon.

I’m always trying to remind myself to keep life simple and stay focused. I wonder how many pastors quit the ministry, or church plants close the doors, or missionaries leave the mission field…All because of “sideways energy?”

The next question this is this…How do we stay focused on the “main-thing” and not allow chaos to cause a disaster? Maybe I’ll tackle that questions tomorrow. (or when I figure it out, which may be never)


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