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So we made our way downtown to the hospital. We left our place at 4:40AM. We arrived, filled out paperwork and they prepped Necole. Then come to find out the doctor had no clue we requested another sonogram. His office failed to contact him, (brilliant communication) therefore we had to cancel the appointment. Of course he does not know when we can reschedule…So we are now home waiting for a phone call.

At this point I wish I had a voo doo doll of said doctor…Ok just kidding. Needless to say we are bit frustrated. I will update everyone asap. Thanks for your prayers.




  1. Maybe God wanted to take more time. We’re continuously praying and believing for the very best. All the while trusting in God’s sovreignty.

  2. Praying for you both – that the shalom of God would rest upon you in profound and tangible ways today.

  3. us medical folks are idiots some times. most of the time. our heartfelt prayers are with you….

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