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Not sure how to say this…But I got a random call today from Cali. I answered to a strange yet familiar voice. Here is how it went:

Me: Hello

Caller: Is this Chris Marlow?

Me: Ya it is, who is this?

Caller: Guess

Me: I’m thinking (Um, crap…I forgot an old friends voice) not sure.

Caller: It’s your brother


Ya see, I lost contact with my brother like 10 years ago. We come from a crazy family. I also spoke with my sister. It had been about 7 years or so)

I was happy, shocked, speechless…So many feelings. Honestly, I thought my brother was in prison, maybe dead, or he’d had simply given up trying to find me.

Life is crazy…I’m very happy to be re-connected with him. Actually, he is coming here Tuesday with my sister. Should be good times.



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  1. WOW!! that is so crazy….i will prayer for your time with them….wow…

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