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The above statement is not totally true. I do listen to the following:

David Crowder-Mute Math-Charlie Hall

And I do listen to those Christian who play so-called secular music. (thank God for secular music)

I guess Mute Math is the only non-worship Christian band I listen to. And truthfully I rarely listen to them. But they rock.

Anyhow, I say that to say this…I totally dig Leeland. Jeff (who use to blog) spoke last week at an event and Leeland led in worship. Therefore I thought I would check them out (since I’ve heard good things) Wow, their CD is great. Tears of the Saints, has been crushing my Spirit. If you need some fresh well-done Christian music, then check out these boys.



  1. Wow…I didn’t even know Mute Math was a Christan band. Cool.

  2. Lindsy Morton is no doubt an extremely gifted Christian Music artist by the grace of Jesus Christ. Right now she is in the midst of an amazing schedule.

    February 9 -11 women’s retreat Glasgow Scotland

    Sunday February 11 evening service Calvary Chapel Motherwell, Glasgow Scotland

    Monday February 12 women’s tea Glasgow Scotland

    February 14 – 16 Inverness Scotland

    Sunday February 18 worship services Calvary Chapel Amsterdam, Amsterdam Netherlands

    I received a message today telling me about the women’s retreat in Glasgow Scotland. I was told that the there was an enormous hunger for Jesus and the worship was so loud that Lindsy had to move away from the mic!

    Lindsy Morton just released her new CD entitled My Umbrella featuring the song Highly Favored One. I know that “Highly Favored One” will be one of the highly favored christian songs of all time. I will never forget the day Lindsy Morton performed “Highly Favored One” in Las Vegas, Nevada at Calvary Chapel Spring Valley. I remember sitting there watching her play the piano and sing this perfect song. I was in awe the entire song. I could fill the meaning of every word and my spirit was touched in Spirit. It was a true blessing to be there at that moment and hear Lindsy Morton perform this perfect Christian song live. Lindsy Morton does have a new website coming very soon so make sure you save her site to your favorites and check back often.

    Glory to GOD,

    Kerry Dale Hancock Jr
    messenger in CHRIST

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