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Life has changed a bit for me. Lot’s of meetings, processing, planning etc. Excited about the future. I’m more passionate about God, His Church and visualizing what the Kingdom can look like. I can feel it. I just want the Kingdom to be become so evident in my life.

Also, one car is no longer a good thing. Here was my schedule today *yes I’m whining*

  • 7:20-Take Bailey to school.
  • 8:30-Take Necole to work.
  • 9:15-Drop Kenzie off at Babysitters.
  • 9:30-2:00-Meetings
  • 2:15: Pick up Kenzie
  • 3:00 Pick up Bailey
  • 5:00 Pick Up Necole
  • 7:00 Apt Bible Study

Crazy, lots of driving. Not my cup-of-tea. Tomorrow is worse. But I love it!

I have lot’s of people tell me that they think my life is nuts. Always some drama going on. Sometimes I wish life was a bit easier…But I doubt God is going to grant that request anytime soon.

Anyhow, time for some gears of war…Jeff if you are working right now you need to stop 🙂



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