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So far I have not gotten into college ball this year. I have no reason…Living in Austin and getting to follow K. Durant. That dude is AMAZING!

Anyhow, being sick the past few days…I’ve been watching a ton of games. So here are some thoughts:

Lifelong Hoyas fan…Good to see them back. Names like Ewing Jr. and Thompson are a bit strange. Throwback to the past.

Obviously I root for the Longhorns. Like I said before, K. Durant is “other-worldly.” Dude is amazing.

But there is nothing like ACC b-ball. And I’ve thoroughly enjoyed watching NC. State play the past few days. But today’s game against UNC is simply epic. NC State is playing with so much passion and heart. 4 games in 4 days, Crazy! Even though they did not win. I think all my Raleigh friends are proud.

Maybe S Lowe will have NC state in the elite crowd soon enough? I hope so!


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  1. Chris, you are correct!

    My NCSU Wolfpack made me proud. Four tough games in four days.

    Amazing comeback today…just fell a little short. Tired legs, tired, tired legs.

    In Sid we trust!

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