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Necole and I are in discussion in regards to church planting. We love the city. It’s our passion. But of course city church-planting also comes with some natural complications. The two biggest for us:

1. Cost of living.

2. School.

Anyhow, Tim Keller is on the forefront of city church-planting. He pastors in the heart of NYC. So when he speaks I listen. Below are some key points from The Cutting Edge Newsletter that Vineyard publishes. You can find the article in it’s entirety via the link below.

Tim Keller on How Churches Will Be Effective in City-Centers

1. Hold the historic Christian gospel– orthodox and Biblical in doctrine and practice, but are neither legalistic nor liberal, neither doctrinalist nor pietist, neither individualistic nor collectivistic.

2. Have a positive regard for the city; recognize that it is the most strategic possible place for ministry.

3. Neither over or under adapt to the culture of those in their surrounding neighborhood and culture.

4. Are intensely, creatively evangelistic and effective in reaching not just people who are already traditional or conservative but who are very secular.

5. Relentlessly emphasize and seek to build strong, “thick” counter-cultural Christian community in cities, especially through cell groups.

6. Are holistic, ministering in both word and deed to their community and the poor in extremely creative and generous ways.

7. Have a bias toward being multi-ethnic– seek to be at least as multi-ethnic as their neighborhood.

8. Are arts and culture friendly; both supportive of Christian witness in “secular work” and willing to train people for cultural leadership, not just church leadership.

9. See church planting as a ministry as natural and important as discipleship, music, education, and pastoral care.

Original source: timkeller.pdf

HT: Cawley Blog


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