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Mark Driscoll has a great blog post on rest, sabbath and longevity in ministry. I think it’s so important to find a healthy rhythm. Which may look different for everyone. For me, I want to take at least one day off (Friday’s) and spend that time with Christ, being alone and doing things that I think are fun and refreshing.

This past Friday I spent some time thinking-through the future church plant (OK I really think that is fun and refreshing, but in the future I will do non-churchy actvities). I found myself so stressed with all the details. I wonder, do I really have the energy to do this again? But the vision is gripping and I can’t wait to to get things going in the next couple of years.  That is the tension a church planter deals with. Uncertainty, risk and failure are always issues that constantly hang around and remind you of the real realities that exist.

But you also see life-change. Marriages restored, addictions broken, unchurched seeing the real Jesus. And that is what drives a church planter. We stay up late, we rise early and we constantly think about the church. And that is why we have to be intentional on finding healthy rhythm and balance. Burn-out lurks around every corner!


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  1. Kudos – I loved his post too, but I hurt for him. That is one stressed out dude! I started taking mondays off about three years ago. I find the rest after Sundays crunch to be very good indeed. I took friday off for years, now it has become a very task oriented day where everyone else is off…of course, sometimes playing golf with buddies is work too! (networking :)) The key is finding what works and then guarding it! …by the way, on your day of rest if Church Planting thinking reguvinates you – do more of it!!

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