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The essence of a church planter is change. We envision a different future. Many people ask me why I decided to be a church planter. If I was truthful, I would simply let them know that I love Jesus. I see how “the Jesus way” can absolutely change the world. It did, and still does. And I want to be apart of that.

Of course I wish I could stop at that point. But then I must go on…See I love Jesus, but the church (as we know it, not as it could be) is a different story. I’m not a church guy. I did not grow up in the church. When we sing hymns I’m still usually lost. (unless Crowder or somebody has modernized it) When we are asked to hold hands to pray I usually stress out…What’s next…A holy kiss?  I’m anti religion. Institutions scare me. What do they want from me? How do they want to control me? How does the leader want to use me for his/her gain? See these are typical questions that roll through my twisted mind.

Of course I see a different church. One that is full of love, hope and redemption. A church that helps people uncover the Jesus story. A church that stands up for justice. A church that shows mercy. I live for that, that hope that we can help bring Jesus to our generation in a new and fresh way. And that is why I’m a church planter. And if you are considering planting a new church, that is why you should be a church planter.


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  1. Thanks! I wish that all church planters understood this. Too many are trying to reproduce or franchise the church they came from. They are producing spiritual goods and services to a new market and trying to gain the biggest market share.

    I’m curious as you share the Jesus story with others and stand up for justice and show mercy – what does that practically look like?

    I coach a bunch of church planters who are trying to embrace missional practices – how are you doing this?

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