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This morning I decided to head down to Genuine Joe Coffeehouse to get some work done. I have a meeting close by later and I always enjoying spending time here. I see Genuine Joe’s as a great example of what the church could look like on any given Sunday morning. Plus this area is on the top of my list in regard to future church planting.

Below they communicate why they started this coffeehouse. Very compelling.

“So why start Genuine Joe Coffeehouse? Here’s how the idea went.

People make the world go ’round.
Relaxed people make the world a more enjoyable place.
Happy people fuel dreams, ideas, and vision.
Inspired people long to discuss, converse, and create.
Genuine people need a place to relax, dream, discuss, and create.

We welcome you!

As an Austin neighborhood coffeehouse, we reflect what makes us unique. Whether you’re a boot, suit, hippie, or techie, or you defy all labels, there’s a place for you here. We’ll do our part you bring you quality espresso beverages, the freshest of roasts, and a cozy comfortable atmosphere; your part is to relax, feel happy, get inspired, and above all be yourself!”


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