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So today I was finally able to connect with Charles. (and his non-blogger connection pastor-David, who makes a wicked cappuccino) Charles is the pastor of Crestview Baptist Church. We’ve followed each others blogs. So it was nice to meet in the real world.

These boys are brave as they are taking an older church and basically re-planting it this fall. In the meantime they converted an old library room in their church into a cool cafe/ art gallery as a way to connect with their community. They did a great job.

As church planting has become the cool sexy thing to do. I think in the next 10-20 years we are going to hear similar stories of older churches like Crestview being re-planted. I think this is vital to urban church planting. We can redeem older churches, who may have buildings and money but are no longer able to connect with changing neighborhoods.

Earl Creps discusses in his book the importance of the “older” generation passing the baton to the “younger” generation. What Charles and Crestview are attempting to do is a great example. The baton is being passed, which is a good thing.

Anyhow, good coffee, good lunch and good friends. Can’t beat that. Please pray for these guys as they journey off the map and explore new forms of ministry and ways to embody the Kingdom in N. Austin.


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  1. Pretty cool to meet you too! Godspeed…

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