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Five years ago we went to bed just like every other night. In the middle of the night we received a phone call. When you get a phone call in the middle of the night you expect one of maybe 3 things. 1) Wrong number, 2) Friend’family has car problems, 3) Something has terribly gone wrong.

This is about that…Something went wrong. And it was terrible.

Necole’s 21 year old brother had been in a motorcycle accident. A few days later he slipped into eternity. That was five years ago today. My last real vivid memory of Shane was us hanging in Seattle for the day at the Experience Music Project. Shane loved his family, he loved his niece Bailey. And he loved life in-general.

The girls talk about their “uncle who is in heaven” all the time. And Necole misses him very much. We rarely talk about Shane. It hurts to much. And time does not heal wounds. I still miss my mom, who died of cancer when she was in her forties…I still miss my friends who passed to gang violence…And I still miss my brother-in-law.  I wish I would have never received that call five years ago.


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