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Since the early 80’s I’ve been a big time Laker fan. Being a Laker fan is great. I’ve been able to celebrate 7 championships. I was also crushed by the news the Magic was diagnosed with the HIV virus. And when Detroit, Chicago and Boston beat us in the finals it took months to recover.

Anyhow, this year has been great. I love this team. Unfortunately injuries have been bad. So I about broke-down when we lost 7 in a row.

But the past three games have been amazing. Kobe drops 65, 50 & 60 and shoots OVER 50% in each game. That is close to impossible. The dude is a misunderstood freak.




  1. AMEN!!!! I live in a world of Kobe haters and I live in SoCal so I can’t imagine what it must be like for you in Texas.

  2. this has been an amazing string of games by kobe. he reminds me more of jordan than any player since jordan, and there in-lies the problem.

    just like in coaching where the old saying goes, “you dont want to be the coach to follow the legend, but the one who follows the one who followed the legend.” there have been others compared to jordan but fell short in some way or another: harold “where are you” minor, jerry stackhouse, vince carter to name a few. they didnt get the criticism kobe gets because they never really compared.

    kobes problems are that he is the first person to follow jordan whos number and the way he plays the game actually are comparable. as rick reilly said,you dont have to fall out of love with jordan to fall in love with kobe.” no one ever thought we would see another once in a million player this lifetime. well, we have.

    and this is why dwyane wade is loved by people. (except for those in dallas) he is following the guy who followed the guy and has already moved into the jordan category where anytime he goes to the hoop he gets the call.

    question: who has more television marketed endorsements? kobe or wade?
    why? people love wade more.

    even with all of this against him the last for games have made one thing evident,

    kobe is unstoppable.

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