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As I think through church planting, missional living and the broader Christian movement. Sometimes I struggle with how to embody the Kingdom and see the Christ-story become real in the hearts of those who claim they believe. Including myself!

Articles like this one gets me fired up.

Somehow I hope to help Christ-followers “be” & “live” the story. We are “sent” people. We are called to transform culture, love, give and serve our generation.

I think church planting can change the world. BUT, only if we plant churches and build a missional DNA. God has called His people to love this world. Not just show up and attend gatherings or small groups. Those aspects can and should be launching points to a greater mission. A mission that is radical, extreme, and revolutionary. The Jesus message is revolutionary…How can it not be? We follow a murdered Rabbi. Folks died and continue to die for the cause and message of Jesus.

How do we Americans deal with this reality? How has the Bible become a little “devotional” book? How has the height of Western Christianity become Sunday mornings gatherings? Those things are good only if they help fuel incarnational missional living from the larger body of Christ.

Which this leads to greater questions and difficult answers. But for now, I’ll chew on these questions and step down from my soap box!

HT: Zach


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