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Quick follow-up to this post:

After saying a violent silent prayer. I finally approached the guy. Actually I just sat down at his table, looked him in the eye and asked him point blank if he thought poverty was a choice. He was a bit offended I think. But yo, he came to me first, opened his mouth and got the ball rolling.

Now this is an educated dude. But I think I helped re-educate him. Typical suburban mentality. He grew up in the “burbs” and he assumed those who are in poverty are lazy. I asked him he was saw this a local issue or a global issue.

Anyhow it turned out well. We spoke of God, faith, action, responsibility and mercy. Plus, I drank my coffee.

It was strange how mad I got. I was so upset I was seriously wanted to do damage. It’s been so long since I’ve been that frustrated. I just have such a burden for the issue of poverty and justice. Now if I can stop being a hypocrite and get out and “do” something!



  1. Large Cahones… Good job man.

  2. Great dialog! You wanted to have an impact on the folks in your area and face to face conversation is a great way to do that. Actually it is much better then wasting coffee, or outright physical displays.

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