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I finally finished Sex God. Good read. Rob tends to ask a lot of questions without going into detailed answers.

This book is spiritual and at the same time very practical. I think it will help the church not hide behind the fear of sex.

I wish Bell would have spent more time discussing his beliefs in regards to “women in ministry.” He touches on it, gives some hints and Scripture. But he does not deal with it from a deep theological perspective.

I think a lot of folks may misunderstand Rob. He is not really a theologian, but he is also not your typical “pastoral” writer. He just can’t be labeled. And you get the feeling that is how he wants it.

Below are some quotes that I enjoyed:

“Heaven is the realm where things are as God intends them to be. The place where things are under the rule and reign of God. And that place can be anywhere, anytime,with anybody.”

“How you treat the creation reflects how you feel about the creator.”

“To be a Christian is to work for the new humanity.” “A church exist to be displayed of the new humanity.”


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