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So this morning I woke up and got into a good writing rhythm. I was just about to finish  my post on “deep” churches issues of justice, the cross and the gospel. Then wham, lost net connection…I was hoping the post would auto save. But for some reason it did not.

Satan must not have wanted that post published…

Time Warner has been having some issues lately…

So I do not have the focus and energy to re-write it.

But I thought I would post some random thoughts:

  • My daughter Kenzie got into her first school fight. That’s right. She pushed a boy down, jumped on him, pulled his shirt and scratched his neck. I asked her why she did that? Her response, “Dad, he would not move.”  A few minutes later she was re-telling the story to Bailey. She told Bailey (she did not know I was listening) what happened. Then she said, “Ya Bailey, and the boy was a big boy.” Great I got a brawler on my hands. All 29 pounds!
  • Lakers are killing me.
  • Easter is tomorrow, can’s wait for church.
  • Will anyone take a vacation from Ohio to Florida anytime soon. How humiliating is it to lose to the same University in both football and basketball in the same year?
  • It’s cold here in Austin. 50 freaking degrees. Crazy!

One Comment

  1. Hey Marlow, great church today Bro! You definitely might want to start keeping that kid away from the donuts 🙂 and maybe get her some boxing gloves.

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