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I wonder what it means to truly love a city? I met a pastor a few months ago. He pastored here in Austin at Hope Chapel. He’s been here for years. Everywhere I go I hear his name. Character, longevity, passion are words that seem to follow this 60+ pastor. His heart for people and the city of Austin is life-giving.

What will they say about me…What will they say about you? My biggest weakness has been longevity. It takes a long time to see fruit. We young pastors want everything now-today!

How can I pastor a city…? How can I befriend other pastors and help them succeed…? How can I have a voice that carries weight? It takes character, integrity, suffering, pain, tears, prayer, fasting, longing, hoping, seeking and death.

Truthfully, I love Austin. I really do. I even like the nation of Texas. But I’m praying that I love this city. Maybe someday I will weep for Austin like Jesus wept for Jerusalem? It’s not about building a church with X amount of people. It’s about a city that feels like God is irrelevant, boring and religious. A city that refuses to go to church. But I think it’s a city that is ready to embrace the Kingdom. A Kingdom of justice, beauty, mercy and love.

When the day comes to close the casket. I hope to be buried in this city with these people.  Will it happen? I’m not sure. Only time will tell. But as I get older…The days grow more important. I want to seize the reminder of my days…So I can maximize what God can do through me.


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