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So today I will be working on my message for next Sunday. I really want to own the message and internalize it. Can’t wait to speak-It’s been awhile.

Tonight I will be doing taxes. Yes I procrastinated. But what can you do.

I went to bed last night and they Lakers were ahead of the Clippers. But we still lost. So depressing!

I was having lunch the other day with Jeff Mangum & Scott Wade. We were discussing the fact that my computer is out of hard drive space. And that is not good. Scott W. told me he can hook me up with a hard drive. J. Mangum chimes in, “Dude I have a huge hard drive, you can use it.” I respond, “Sweet, where is it?” J Mangum responds, “It’s at home underneath my couch.” Scott W & I stare in simple confusion. “It’s where?” Jeff responds, “Underneath my couch at home, that’s a safe place.” Enough said!

OK, Back to message prep 🙂



  1. haha, why doesn’t this surprise me?

  2. looks like i got some bad street cred goin’ on here…

    btw…i watched the Lakers meltdown…they were up 17, and then decided to look like a WNBA team.

  3. i have asked jeff why he keeps his laptop and other important items under the couch, his response was “its a safe place.” i think by safe he means that christy wont hide it somewhere random when cleaning. if you could see the frenzy of christy cleaning you would understand how smart this idea is.

    good call jeff. different, but good.

  4. LOL-Nice thought Blake 🙂

  5. I would have to agree with blake – to Christy everything has “it’s place” – to everyone else “it’s place” could mean anything. If i’m not mistaken I think kyle lost some pants in the dryer one time at Jeff and Chrity’s, Kyle did you look in “it’s place”?

  6. those things dissappeared into thin air. no where to be found. i accidentally left them in the dryer one day, and then…. they were gone. forever. i’ve no idea.

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